Friday, April 11, 2008

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winter in kelly

A few more pictures for all of you...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

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wrong road?

OK a story.

I traveled to SLC for our spring break. Yeah, I know, not your typical place to spend the infamous break, but it was perfect. After four days of "city livin" I drove my new little jetta back to the North. The trip was great: large spances of flat land, good music, delicous Late' (which i only get once a month or so in my current life), and somehow on the drive I took a “wrong” turn. I realized this when miles away for Burley Idaho were on the road signs. “Burley?! Oh #@%^&!” so I pulled out the trusty road atlas Robin left with me after we traveled from Indianapolis to Maryland several years told me I could drive up an unnamed country road and catch up with ID HWY 38 which would meet up with I-15: the road back to the Tetons. So after some random turns I ended up on this beautiful country road, with old buildings, rolling hills, cowboy hats, and vast open spaces. Waoh. As I traveled I took pictures of the old building I saw along the road. I was blessed by the wonder of it all: I was delighted to stop and capture the vast glory of this road less travled (tu-shay)

This is my cheesy little metaphor for life right now: did I make a wrong turn in coming to Jackson Valley, or do “wrong” turns sometimes bring you to a better space? I am trusting my life works like the latter of the two options.

School is busy, community life can be exhilarating and exhausting all in one breath, not cooking and baking my own food is challenging...the snow still covers the ground, I winter camped for the first time last week, I am working with the National Elk Refuge for a week, I am researching Idaho women and their scholastic trainings, I am waiting to hear back from University of Wyoming to see if they want me to join their Masters of Natural Science Program, I am learning how to be a healthier person, I am.

There are so many stories to tell, so many fun adventures with fellow classmates and students from all over the United States, these stories will come out, but for now, here is my brief update. Check out my other post, it has pictures of the crazy amounts of snow we still have here, as well as some pictures from the above story...

Be well.

Happy Veneral Equinox.

[Happy spring (starts the later part of this strange to believe as I look out my window to a winter wonderland)]

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The last two months...

Well, it's been a long while since I wrote my thoughts for this cyber-space connection with the outside world. I feel as though this blog is such a fabulous indication of how busy my life is.


Since I last, where to begin?

The facts:

I have survived my first semester (or what-have-you) of my graduate education. This included successfully completing my first scientific research compilation and presentation—water quality analysis, baby! I spent many hours writing entirely too many reflection papers: I am absolutely reflectioned OUT. My fellow classmates and instructors continue to challenge and enlighten me. When I am not in class myself, I am teaching others. I have taught high school students from near and far about the glorious eco-system of which I am a part. They were present when I saw my first grizzlies: four beauties enjoying lunch very near where Ansel Adams took his famous picture of the Tetons. We have moose visit our campus weekly, and had such a privative of seeing a small gathering of 13 one afternoon. For class student and I hike through the snow and explore the wilds around us. This includes highlights such as going to a glacial lake (note photos) and examining fire ecology, as well as watching mule deer and elk run through the changing weather. A group of high school students came from Iowa and rocked my world with their enthusiasm for learning. Another group came from Casper, WY and reminded me so much of a younger version of myself and I was so thankful for the opportunity to learn and teach with such inspirational beings. I have laughed and cried about whether or not I think I can be a teacher after this is all through. Time will tell.

My non-school time continues to be rich. My days are full. I have helped cut down four large trees with a two person cross cut saw from the 30's (note pictures). [Now let me make sure you understand what I am telling you: I helped saw down a tree and cut it up BY HAND. Wahoo. Seriously I have a new respect for the settlers of old.] Went on a trip to Montana,and later another to Colorado. Visitors have blessed my days, coming from Utah, Idaho, and Maryland. My folks and brother came to visit and we sat and watched a great gray owl look for lunch from about 100 yards away. Wow. My nerdy self shines through as I spend clear nights learning about our big telescope and watch the stars and planets overhead. (Saw the comet a couple weeks ago through the scope and was awed.) I am learning about cloud formations, constellations, ice crystals and how to track animals in the snow. Sheesh. Sometimes I feel I am in an out-of-body experience here. I have watched the beautiful gneiss and granite mountains turn white with the lovely snowfalls. Last week I celebrated thanksgiving with new friends at four different gatherings. I spent many days curled up in front of a TV eating sugary treats and enjoying time just relaxing. I am continuously questioning what this lovely place is supposed to teach me. I cannot help but feel sadness well up in my chest as I consider my departure in August. This sadness is followed by a feeling of excitement for I am learning more and more about what I require for my life. Its simple really: a warm fireplace, some house plants, a dog, a kitchen to bake in, and some trees, water, and probably mountains to keep me company.

My thoughts wander to all of contentment continues, as does my desire for home.

I sit at an employee's (of my school) house listening to the Beatles and feel comforted by the snow falling outdoors and the wee people asleep in the room next to me (it is a joy to get off campus and babysit). My excitement for the winter break overwhelms me, there is something lovely about thinking about being with family and friend for the holidays.

My invitation continues to be extended to you all: come to the Tetons for a visit: you will be amazed. Snow shoeing and cross-country skiing anyone?

All my love.